One can't have enough of the Swift. Of its unique charisma that's led to a passionate fan following. And every little change and improvement in the New Swift that makes it unmistakably more Swift. It has more attitude. more style, more sportiness, more performance and it's more premium. Its form and feel inspire even more passion and excitement. Even before you get behind the wheel, you'll agree the New Swift is 'More Swift' than ever before. Just so many more reasons tojoin the Swift fan club.


The Swift's bold and stylish design forms a silhouette like none other. Its unique spirited character now stands enhanced. This strong, dynamic and spirited car is once again set to rule Indian hearts and make the pulse of the passionate Swift devotee race faster.

  • Aerodynamic lines- more fluid, more energetic, more stylish.
  • Enhanced dimensions-stronger, more distinctive presence with a 90 mm increase in length, 40 mm increase in wheelbase and a 5 mm increase in width.
  • Athletic stance - elegant with a sense of power.
  • The distinctive Swift design DNA has been retained in the New Swift, while taking it to the next level.